About Me

5.5 pound male Brown Trout from New Zealand's South Island

5.5 pound male Brown Trout from New Zealand’s South Island

I’m a senior in High School in a small boarding school in New Hampshire with a very odd life story. Starting off at 4 days old, I flew from my birth city of Singapore, to my families then current home in Sumatra, Indonesia. Every few years we would move from country to country and continent to continent. Our homes spanned from Indonesia, Venezuela, Australia, Kazakhstan, and now I’m in America as my family moved back to the Indonesia section of the island of Borneo. Throughout all of these wildly different places, most of my vacations and summer lead my family back to our mountain cottage outside of Glenwood Springs Colorado.

I’ve somehow, through my Grandpa’s passion for fly fishing in Georgia, maintained this disease of mine to constantly be out on the water casting . Recently I’ve gotten into the world of mountain biking by joining my school team and going out on adventurous rides in Indonesia with my dad. I hope to continue both of these passion and share my story with anyone willing to listen.


– Matt


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