Present Reviews, the Colorado, and the Fryingpan

Chilly Colorado River Afternoon

Chilly Colorado River Afternoon

Since new years I’ve had several days out on the water, some simply just casting the new rod (TFO TiCr X 7 weight), and a lot of time spend in my cold garage working on fishing related projects. More post on those to come. Needing something bigger than a 5 weight for casting big flies at big fish I got a 7 weight for christmas. After our trip to BC for salmon and steelhead, I took a liking to spey and switch rods. 

Perfectly Balanced Rod, Reel, and Line

Perfectly Balanced Rod, Reel, and Line

Following much research, I went back to my so far favorite rod  company, Temple Fork Outfitters, to explore their options. I’ve had their 4 weight TFO Professional Series II for over a year now and couldn’t imagine anything better in a rod. So I looked into their TiCr X rod, it had great reviews and was exactly what a wanted, a relatively cheap, high quality, fast action, durable rod. For christmas I got their 7 weight 4 piece 9 foot along with the conversion kit to transform it into a 11’3” spey rod.

Canyon Creek Winter Bow

Canyon Creek Winter Bow

Casting both the 9′ and 11’3” are amazing; I paired them with a Rio Grand 7 weight line on the Redington Delta Reel and the Switch line 7/8 on another spool of the Delta Reel. All of these paired up perfectly. 

New TFO TiCr X 7 Wieght Conversion Kit

New TFO TiCr X 7 Wieght Conversion Kit

Practicing my spey casting

Practicing my spey casting

I’ve spent several days on the Colorado near Canyon Creek but have tried some different spots around their, further up and downstream from the confluence. Fishing wasn’t anything special, at most a couple fish a day, nothing close to being worthy of a seven weight. I had some bobber-downs at the big hole on canyon creek near the interstate, producing a couple colorful bows.

IMG_3055 DSCF8927

Iced Guides

Iced Guides

Along with the Colorado I did a little upper Canyon Creek fishing near my house but most of it was frozen over.

Upper Canyon Creek Rainbow

Upper Canyon Creek Rainbow

My dad and I had one full day to spare before traveling started so we packed up our car to head up to the Frying Pan. Thinking it would be relatively empty compared to the summer, we thought it would be a good time to start to learn that amazingly tough river. Living so close by, it’s a shame we’ve only been a couple times, this was our 3rd time to be precise. The whole river was empty all the way up but it was a cold day so we kept driving to get to the sunny parts up by the flats and the bend hole. As soon as we crossed beatis bridge, fisherman appeared everywhere. There wasn’t an open section until up to the flats. We parked and walked up to the Toilet Bowl to show my dad but there was practically a line of guys waiting to fish. Fishing seemed slow to everyone; I saw a few browns pulled out from the toilet bowl on mysis and several from the flats on eggs but I only managed two fish, beautiful but small.

New net with small Frying Pan brown

New net with small Frying Pan brown

Packed for the 'Pan

Packed for the ‘Pan

Winter Stones

Winter Stones on the Collie

I’m learning to love winter fishing, but I certainty do miss wet wading in the summer! Here’s some highlights from last summer for me. Thanks Molly Tankersley over at for many of these awesome photos!


Toilet Bowl Brown


High Altitude Brookie


Fork Bow


Mysis Shrimp Eating Brown

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 5.07.41 PM

Hog pulled out of a private pond on a hopper


A Roaring Fork Whitey


Success after 3 day backpacking trip



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