BC Fishing Day 2 Trout

After meeting up with Curtis Christian the second morning in BC, my dad and I decided to try something a little different from the previous days salmon fishing. Curtis agreed to finding some trout water instead of salmon and drove us north from Whistler past Pemberton to the Berkenhead River. IMG_2903IMG_2906There were still Cohos swimming around and dropping eggs so we were targeting the rainbows and dolly vardens hanging around the salmon. we used eggs and  egg sucking leeches and managed to pull in a few trout. I was surprised when Curtis handed us 2 and 3 weight rods, yet they were a blast to cast and made us realize that people often use far to heavy weight lines for fly fishing. It was a really great river with some beautiful ginclear trout water. IMG_2921The fishing wasn’t exceptional but it was also not the best time of year with the salmon almost gone and the trout returning to the nearby lake. My dad and I caught several healthy rainbows that really tested the 2 weights and my dad also got a dolly varden, which I was pretty jealous about.IMG_2909IMG_2914IMG_2915It was a great day of fishing and I’ll be anxious to come back to British Columbia sometime in the future. IMG_2931IMG_2923


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