BC Fishing Day 1 Salmon

Driving away from the lodge this morning with my Dad and our guide, Curtis from Chromer Sport Fishing, I was relived to have a little time away from the busyness of school and to be back on the water. I flew into Vancouver from New Hampshire the night before, met with my parents and sister, then drove up to Whistler the next morning. We are staying at the Nita Lake Lodge just outside the ski town of Whistler.


We were driving to the Squamish River, just a couple miles south, ready with 7-9 weight single handed and spey rods. We pulled on our skin tight, warm neoprene waders and were ready for our first salmon fishing experience. It is late in the season so we were hoping to be lucky to find some fresh chum salmon that weren’t zombies yet. After some brief instruction with the spey rod, Curtis had me at the top of a long stretch of water packed full of salmon and my dad was at the bottom of the run.

Fall on the Squamish

Fall on the Squamish

We were using circle hooks to avoid as many false hooks as possible, and it wasn’t to long till we got some bites, and eventually pulled in some big salmon. We each got a couple Chums to the hand before having lunch, then hiking up a couple miles to a new stretch of water.


Here my Dad and I both hooked into some more salmon, and I got a more rare, beautiful Coho Salmon. IMG_2872IMG_2876 

This was an awesome day leaning how to spey cast and getting some really nice salmon. Curtis stopped by a really spectacular waterfall on the drive back that was unbelievable to hear that a kayaker has gone off it and survived. IMG_2881

We’ve got a half day scheduled for tomorrow and we’re going to go north and test out the local Bull, Cutthroat, and Dolly Varden Trout.


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